Hair is known to be a woman’s crowning glory. It doesn’t matter if it’s long or short, curly or straight, black, blonde, or brown: hair matters for everyone. Great hair gives any woman a more feminine and youthful overall look. That’s why it’s imperative to avoid things that can damage or completely destroy hair. If treated badly, hair can lose its thickness and you might even suffer from rapid hair loss.

There are a lot of ways to thicken thin hair, but before those are needed, there’s always a way to avoid hair damage in the first place. Here are a few ways to keep hair healthy and strong.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Hair experts can’t stress this enough. Harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens can be found in cosmetics. These chemicals can damage skin and hair. Avoid shampoos and conditioners that contain harmful salts and opt for a more natural hair product.

  • To Dye the Hair is to Make Hair Die

Frequent dyeing of the hair can cause hair to turn dry and dull. Hair dye contains a lot of chemicals that might damage hair in the process of changing its color. Sure, there are tons of hair dyes that aren’t as harmful as others, but these are ultimately more expensive. It’s better to be stuck with a natural hair color than to suffer from damaged hair.

  • Say No to Constant Perms and Blow-Dries

Perming is painstakingly poisonous for hair. Perming is designed to chemically alter hair by turning it curly or straight, depending on the original hair type. It breaks the natural structure of hair and molds it into something else. The process requires a lot of chemicals that can make hair brittle and dry.

Blow-drying, on the other hand, requires a lot of heat that can also damage hair. Like skin, hair shouldn’t be exposed to too much heat. Otherwise, it’ll dry up and lose its natural moisture. It might be nice to see your hair in a different style, but it’s nowhere near cute to see dying hair on someone’s head.

  • Bleach Should Only Be Used in the Laundry

If hair dyes and perms are crimes that deserve a few months in prison, then bleach would be the serial killer that should be sentenced to life imprisonment. Bleaching makes hair weak by destroying its natural pigment. Hair is never truly the same after a beauty transformation achieved through the power of bleach.

Care for Your Hair

  • Brush, brush, brush!

Brushing your hair every day untangles and shines your hair. It’s advised to regularly brush your hair to maintain its natural gleam. Soft, gentle, brushes make hair happy and healthy. However, don’t over-brush your hair; just use moderate amounts of brushing to keep the tangles at bay.

  • Wash that Dirt Away

There’s no better way to clean hair than to wash it with shampoo and conditioner. It’s important to know that when using shampoo, make sure it doesn’t contain sulfate or harmful chemicals. Use hair care products with natural ingredients. A mild shampoo is advised for people who want to know how to thicken thin hair. It won’t strip hair of its natural oils, but will simply wash away the accumulated dust and dirt.

A Healthy Diet Makes a Healthy Hair

  • Start That Healthy Lifestyle

A lot of factors contribute to making hair healthy, but none can be as natural and simple as maintaining a balanced diet. It’s imperative to get enough protein, iron, vitamins and minerals to keep hair healthy and fresh. Having a healthy diet not only improves overall hair quality, but it also improves the body and mind. A healthy mind is quick to avoid the stress that can add to hair loss.

  • Take Vitamins Designed for Hair Growth

For stronger and thicker hair, try taking biotin supplements. It’s a great way to boost hair growth and maintain its natural quality. Biotin not only provides healthy hair, it also improves skin and nails.


Hair loss can be a problem for most people, especially women. Having thin hair increases the risk of bald spots and a receding hairline, which aren’t exactly the most attractive hairstyles in the world. People all over the world search for the answer to how to thicken thin hair, and fortunately, there are numerous ways to do that. Proper hair care, vitamins and minerals, and a great anti-hair loss shampoo can all contribute to the rejuvenation of anyone’s hair.

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