Numerous chemicals and countless other factors affect overall hair growth. From simply tying your hair up every day, to hormonal changes and the body’s reaction to stress, many factors can make hair lose its natural strength and shine. Add the natural occurrence of aging and hair is inevitably bound to weaken.

It seems like a difficult effort to take care of your hair, but there are actually a lot of solutions. Even changing one’s diet and choosing to eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods can help improve hair quality. There are also vitamins and minerals designed to give hair a more vibrant glow.

But despite the numerous amounts of solutions, hair might still suffer from damage and hair loss. A sure way to help reduce the risk of hair loss and repair it back to its natural form is by using a thickening shampoo.

One of the leading brands in healing hair care is L’anza. This product review describes the different advantages and disadvantages of what makes the L’anza Healing Volume Thickening Shampoo a great combination to battle against hair loss.


  • Formulated with L’anza’s renowned Keratin Healing System
  • Contains Organic Bamboo Extract
  • Contains Gugo Bark
  • Works for all types of hair
  • Sulfate-free shampoo
  • Weight-free formula
  • Extra gentle formula
  • Increases the diameter of each hair fiber from within
  • Contains no parabens, gluten, and sodium chloride
  • Builds body and volume
  • Great for daily use


L’anza is a leading brand in healing hair care. From treatment to healing, it assures any individual a thorough and effective hair improvement. It’s a brand that was able to target the causes of hair damage and thus created solutions to repair and revitalize hair back to its original growth.

It uses the proprietary Keratin Bond System that incorporates the latest hair care ingredient technology along with its Keratin Healing System, built to improve and revive all types of hair.

Anyone looking for a way to revitalize and give their hair a renewed health and shine will appreciate L’anza thickening shampoo. It’s designed to heal damaged hair regardless of hair type. Curly, wavy, and straight hair will all benefit from this amazing duo.

Its shampoo and conditioner are made to remove excess oil that weighs down hair and makes it hard to manage. The shampoo contains no sulfate, parabens, gluten and sodium chloride that can harm hair.

Instead, it contains organic bamboo extract made specifically to add volume and body to hair. The organic bamboo extract increases the diameter of each hair fiber by working inside it. L’anza created a technology that can deliver the bamboo’s silica straight into the cortex.

This makes hair boost with strength, volume, and rigidity. It won’t be difficult to achieve a thicker and fuller hair anymore. This amazing thickening shampoo can cure hair loss problems!

It’s also infused with Gugo bark to get that rich, abundant lather. The shampoo and conditioner clean thoroughly and is gentle enough for everyday use. It improves hair health while adding volume and shine. Thin hair will gain an excellent body and fine fullness.


There are a few quibbles about L’anza thickening shampoo. One of the things that make consumers hesitant to buy it is its price. It might be a bit hefty for some consumers, given that it’s just a hair care product.

However, it isn’t just an ordinary shampoo built to cleanse hair of dust and dirt, it is more than that. It’s a hair thickening shampoo designed to grow and repair hair, so it’s not a surprise to find it is a bit more expensive. It’s a hair care treatment that comes with a price.

If there’s something the shampoo can improve on, it’s better packaging and size. In many cases, the bottle has been observed to leak or break easily during shipping. The bottle is heavy, so it might be better if there were smaller sizes for the shampoo. It could improve by getting a sturdier yet lighter bottle with a better pump.


Hair loss can be fought with this strong yet gentle thickening shampoo. It’s one of the best solutions for hair thinning and hair loss. Each bottle is formulated with L’anza’s celebrated Keratin Healing System that’s excellent in repairing and improving overall hair quality.

The organic bamboo extract increases the diameter of each hair fiber to give hair a thicker and stronger body. Anyone who’s searching for a way to get his or her hair back to its healthy state can trust L’anza Healing Thickening Shampoo.

It’s an excellent way to give hair the shine and strength it deserves. It might not be the most affordable shampoo, but cost won’t be burdensome when quality results are assured.

The hair thickening shampoo contains no chemicals that can damage the hair. It only has a gentle formula that anyone can use every single day.

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